About Our Ets. Hasbini

Est. Hasbini is considered to be a main player in the agricultural industry in the MENA since 1880. Sole dealer and distributor of several agricultural products, owner of unique nurseries, the company was able to cover key projects through the agricultural development of the GCC since early 40s. Currently, Est. Adnan Hasan Hasbini in on the top of several sister companies diversified within various industries: Architecture, Design & Development (Construction, Landscaping & Tech), Ekar.estate (Real Estate), WEBSiDERS (Digital Marketing) and  Cybercity (Cybersecurity).

Company History

First, Est. Hasbini was founded by Hajj Hasan Hasbini in 1880 in Beirut. The company specialized in sales and distribution of all types of seeds. Then, in early 50s, Mr. Adnan Hasan Hasbini, became the director of the company. After completing his studies in business and accounting, he acquired several foreign languages : French, English, Italian, German & Russian. Mr. Adnan was able to broaden the company’s business, making new connections for the company in Europe. His company became sole dealer of machineries, seeds, fertilizers, potting soil and many other agricultural products. He established a unique concept of nurseries all around the Lebanese territories, offering distinguished landscaping services. in the 70s, the company became one of the biggest importers and exporters in the agricultural sector in the MENA. The company opened new branches in France Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is present in several markets in the LEVANT & EU : France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE.


We design and plant the most astonishing greeneries. We have massive experience in Roads, Garden, Entrances, Residential Indoors, Hospitals and Corporate Landscaping.

Tools & Systems

We provide wholesale and retails agricultural tools and machineries such as pruners, irrigation systems, Trimmers…

Seeds & Soil

We provide exclusive flowers, fruits and vegetable seeds. We are regional distributors of potting soils and peat moss products.